In open access we can offer a complete bibliography of Cumont, compiled by Annelies Lannoy, with a number of publications that is substantially higher than the existing lists of Cumont’s publications, such as the list of 546 titles offered by Henri Grégoire in the Mélanges Cumont (Brussels and Wetteren, 1936)1, or the Ghent Liber Memorialis of the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy (Gent, 1960)2. This site further offers a biography of Cumont in Dutch, written by the former rector of the Rijksuniversiteit Gent and professor of Ancient History, Pieter Lambrechts, who initiated the Ghent excavations in Pessinus, the ancient centre of the cult of the Magna Mater Cybele, and Prof. Dr. Gabriël Sanders, who continued the work of Cumont at the University of Ghent on the ancient views on the After Life, by studying mainly Latin inscriptions. Sanders also wrote the entry on Franz Cumont in the Biographie Nationale de Belgique. (biografie). Naturally, the site also offers an overview of the seven thematic volumes, and of other publications and websites that can be of interest.

The complete bibliography of Franz Cumont can be found in this pdf.


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Rijksuniversiteit te Gent. Liber memorialis 1913-1960. Uitgegeven onder de hoofdredactie van Theo Luykx. Gent : RUG. Rectoraat, 1960. Volume 1: 1. Faculteit der letteren en wijsbegeerte.